The Siege of Rhodes

The user will get to know the siege technology of the ancient Greeks through the virtual use of the Elepoli and the weapons used in the siege of Rhodes by Dimitrios the Besieger. At the same time, the user will get to know the weapons and techniques of the time in his effort to protect his city from the conqueror.

305-304 B.C. - Siege of Rhodes.

Rhodes port

Main Characters
The user is given two options as a protagonist:
1. Dimitrios the Besieger: here the user plays the role of Dimitrios the Besieger, who with a siege vehicle Elapolis tries with his army to conquer the city of Rhodes.
2. Roditis is a soldier: here the user plays the role of a Roditi soldier in order to prevent the army of Dimitrius the Besieger from conquering his city, Rhodes.