Europe's First Civilization - Akrotiri

Akrotiri was a cosmopolitan port of the most important commercial centers of the Aegean with a strong urban environment. Its excellent urban organization, its sewerage network, its ornate multi-storey buildings with its excellent mural decoration, rich furniture and household items testify its great development.

1613 B.C. - Late Bronze Age

Santorini (Thira) - settlement of Akrotiri

Main Character
Resident of the settlement: A few hours before the big eruption of the volcano, the user as a resident of the island receives the first seismic vibrations. It is a usual day on the island. He walks on the cobblestone road of the island. It reaches the port where there is intense mobility. Boats, merchant ships with large open sails. The first seismic vibration begins. The mountains, rocks vibrate and smoke. Stones are moving and the waters in the port are turbulent. The volcano is starting to wake up.