ActiVatoR Project

ActiVatoR project aims to create a Virtual Reality Experiential Platform that consists of a prototype mechanical simulator in which multiple interactive educational scenarios can be executed with the main themes of Technology, Science and Culture and which will fully support interactive applications using Virtual Reality technology. In addition the user beyond the three-dimensional view and control of the view already provide existing Virtual Reality (VR) applications, and will have full physical feedback through specialized motion, rotation, control and dynamic feedback simulation equipment As such, experiencing physically the experiences in which she participates.

Use Cases

One of the key points of the ActiVatoR program is to record a set of representative cases of interactive use cases (scenarios) with the main topics of Technology, Science and Culture.

More specifically, the three interactive scenarios will be described in detail below, which concern the Siege of Rhodes by Dimitrios the Besieger, the Shipwreck and the Antikythera Mechanism as well as the First European Culture at Cape Thira (Santorini).


Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum - Noesis
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH
Noesis Emporiki Diaxeirisi Monoprosopi IKE
Smart Drive


Co-financed by Greece and European Union